iTunes 8.1 Finally Allows Autofill Without iPod Shuffle

Apple has finally released an iTunes version (8.1) that allows the program to “autofill” music onto all iPods and not just the iPod shuffle.

Let iTunes choose what goes on your iPod for you with Autofill. With your iPod set to “Manually manage music and videos,” iTunes can autofill your iPod using songs from your entire music library or from a specific playlist. You can also tell iTunes to choose songs randomly or to choose higher rated songs more often. And you can tell iTunes to replace all items on your iPod when using Autofill.

This was definitely a very annoying feature omission in iTunes that I can thankfully say is rectified.

In related news, the new iPod shuffle is awesome. The shuffle is Apple’s most underrated and best iPod… and it comes in black.

iPod shuffle

[photo via Apple]

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