Kelly Adams In Hustle

Hustle‘s long-awaited fifth series premiered with Adrian Lester back as Mickey Stone, Robert Glenister as Ash Morgan, and Robert Vaughn as Albert Stroller. Unfortunately, Marc Warren (Danny Blue) and Jaime Murray (Stacie Monroe) did not return as those two are busy making American television and movies.

The newcomers to Stone’s crew are Matt Di Angelo and Kelly Adams as brother and sister Sean and Emma Kennedy.

While, Emma is no Stacie, Kelly certainly is pretty cute, more as a blonde than a brunette. She definitely has a little Billie Piper in her…

From Episode One:


From Episode Two:


[screen captures via BBC]

UPDATED: Edited.

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  1. She is an absolute stunner, looks a little like Kylie! Perfect for the role as Emma Kennedy

  2. I watched hustle for the first time on jan 4. Kelly Adams is absolutely beautiful, stunning, charming and funny. I’m going to be tuning in again every week.

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