iLife ’09 Best In Apple’s Last MacWorld


Apple‘s last stand at the now-depressed MacWorld Conference was a subdued event. Lowered expectations helped reduce the somewhat lackluster Keynote address.

The 17-inch MacBook Pro was refreshed. Blah.

iTunes is now DRM-free. Blah blah.

iWork is now up to version 2009. And some of it is available online. Blah blah blah.

iLife is now up to version 2009. Yah! A double yah if you’re as excited about the new iPhoto.

Apple iPhoto

At last, the program can now natively handle geotagged photos, either automatically embedded or manually (thanks to Google Maps). It’s a wonder why Apple is so slow at rolling out new features for some of its programs. Granted the programs are great… and free, but still. The “Places” feature is a great way to reduce the need to use third-party applications and keeps all of the photos and usability (now with map-viewing) in iPhoto.

I think more people are interested in the “Faces” feature, which is also cool.

iMovie was also updated…

[photos via Apple]

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