The Final Season Of David Simon’s The Wire

The Wire, Season 5

Finally. I’ve waited all summer for the next season of The Wire. For those that haven’t seen the show, it really is one of television’s best ever.

I’ll probably mention more as I watch the series’ last season, but I will say that even though I crave more of the show after it ends I’m not too sure about a possible prequel movie that charts the rise of the Barksdale Empire.

On a side note, I caught Ben Affleck’s Gone Baby Gone last night. It was nice to see Michael K. Williams (aka Omar Little) in the movie as well as Amy Ryan (Beadie). Her Golden Globe nomination was very deserved.


California finally got the rain it needed. Although I think it’s safe to say everyone here wanted the water in more smaller doses, rather the storm we got instead (which you can read about here, here, here, and here). Much of the country is in dire need of water, so I’m pretty sure come summertime no one will think twice about today’s misery.

How bad is it? I haven’t seen moment of dryness. Driving a few blocks out you can see the flooded storm drains and tree debris everywhere. I was surprised to see the police department efforts to clear roadways. Not because the debris made the roads dangerous, but because the drivers who drive around the debris are dangerous.

It’s amazing to see how many idiots there are on the road with a day like today.

Traffic was terrible. I saw huge fallen tree which you have to be relieved fell on the street instead of the house it was next to. I saw another tree completely smash a truck. I think the driver got out okay.

I should consider myself lucky. A few blocks away I saw some houses were without power.

I managed to take a couple of pictures of one unfortunate casuality.

Fallen Fruit in Sacramento Storm 08 Fallen Fruit in Sacramento Storm 08

These pictures was taken a few hosues away. Luckily, the fruit tree next to my house was spared.

Fallen Fruit in Sacramento Storm 08>


Here’s an interesting story about Denny’s. My worst Denny’s experience was in Lake Tahoe where we realized after an hour of waiting and watching people who arrived after us get their food that something was wrong. We complained several times. We were inclined to believe the waitress who gave us the reason for the delay was that the kitchen lost our order. The manager was this prickly old lady who compted us 10% of our bill for the wasted hour of our lives.

Complaining any further just would have gotten the waitress in trouble.


Here’s a quick story on the debacle of Justin Gatlin’s two-year suspension. ESPN’s Shaun Assael gets it right on the money by noting the injustice of punishing Gatlin even though he should only have one positive test to his name and even though he cooperated heavily in the criminal investigation of Trevor Graham.

The net effect of this decision? It makes baseball players look smart for their stonewalling.

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