Pet Peeve Cinq: Drivers Without Headlights

Idiotic drivers drive me crazy. For the most part, I can tolerate those insane drivers who cut through lanes left and right without signaling. I’m okay with them mostly because for some reason they never really seem to disrupt the traffic flow. They weave in and out of lanes without any other car even tapping their brakes. So, as long as they don’t pressure me to get out of their way, I’m cool with it.

But the drivers I can’t stand are those that never put on their headlines through (somewhat bad) fog or through (very bad) rain. Both weather conditions present whiteness everywhere. At least through fog, everyone tends to be cautious. But even in drizzle, some people don’t get and drive 80 MPH.

That’s okay, but when I’m trying to change lanes and get honked because I didn’t see some a**hole driver without his headlines on it’s scary. Why make things difficult for every driver on the road. Having headlines reduces the risk or crashes by making it that much easier to see each other.

Of course, I’m emphasizing this on freeway driving, but driving with headlines helps street driving too.

The same goes for nighttime drivers.

I might go to hell for this, but man do I sometimes wish bad karma on them…

The teaser poster for The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight Teaser Poster

If there was anything to live for 2008, it’s to see this movie.

July 18, 2008 can’t some soon enough.

Quote from Sports Night:

Casey: “This is happening way too often.”
Dan: “Actually, I think you’re getting caught in the crossfire of my punishment.”
Casey: “Who’s punishing you?”
Dan: “Natalie. For not telling her sooner. I think she’s withholding our pants.”

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