Eisley + Mute Math = Great Concert

Last night’s concert was great. I can’t say the same thing about the venue. It was a small club located on a block corner situated to the east of an auto dealership and to the south of a trailer park. Make your assumptions.


Eisley started pretty promptly at 8:00 PM and unfortunately I got lost trying to find The Boardwalk so I wasn’t able to get that close to the stage. That also gave me a reason to not take any pictures since I was too far away. So no pics, but when I find some posted, I’ll grab them and post.

Mute MathFrom where I was standing I couldn’t see Weston the entire night. A miscue and a few anecdotes were said. Why doesn’t the band like playing “Telescope Eyes?” I should inquire about that.

After an hour set, the band left and a half hour wait began until Mute Math played at around 9:30 PM for their hour set. I always like the band, but I must say that the guys are a lot better live, with all of their energy.

Too bad I couldn’t catch their SF show at the Fillmore. That wouldn’t a fun venue to see those two bands at. MUST FIND PICTURES!

*** November 21, 2007 6:11 PM PST Update ***

I have relented in my pursuit for someone else posting some pictures of that concert. I am now forced to post my own crappy camera phone pictures, I NEED a new camera.

Eisley At Boardwalk 9.24.07

Eisley At Boardwalk 9.24.07

Eisley At Boardwalk 9.24.07

*** February 15, 2008 12:34 AM PST Update ***

Thought I’d share some Eisley photos that the band released from the Orangevale concert. Finally, some better photos than mine.

And here are some photos from other tour stops.


Here’s an article on the Perspectives event from the Sacbee.

Too bad I couldn’t come. Funny quote by Rush Limbaugh:

“The world doesn’t hate us. If the world hated us we wouldn’t have 12 to 20 million people trying to get in here illegally,” Limbaugh said, to laughter and applause.

Quote from C. Wright Mills in his essay “The Power Elite” (1957):

“To understand the elite as a social class we must examine a whole series of smaller face-to-face milieux, the most obvious of which, historically, has been the upper class families, but the most important of which today are the proper secondary school and the metropolitan club.”

San Francisco Giants rumors:

1. The team wants to trade Barry Zito to the other team that wanted him: the Seattle Mariners.

2. The team could sign Andruw Jones.

3. Or maybe A-Rod?

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