Miss USA 2007

I caught the Miss USA pageant last night. It was cool. Of course, the main theme was to show how good looking all of the girls were. The swimsuit competition was cool. My sister and I were dumbfounded by the selection of the evening gowns that some of the girls chose to wear. Wow.

Although, I will say that the song that was played fit pretty well. They played Fergie’s “Glamorous” which is a good song, and totally hit the right note in terms of the evening gown atmosphere.

Miss Tennessee Rachel Smith was crowned Miss USA 2007.

Miss Tennessee Rachel Smith

Miss Rhode Island Danielle Lacourse was runner-up. She could have easily won as well. Her evening gown was gorgeous.

Miss Rhode Island Danielle Lacourse

The other delegates that I liked: Miss Utah Heather Anderson and Miss Montana Stephanie Trudeau — who was also voted Miss Congeniality.

Miss Utah Heather Anderson Miss Montana Stephanie Trudeau

Fergie’s song can be heard below:

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