Spring Break — WOOHOO

Man, life sucks.

I’ve probably been sleep deprived for the past month so this break will be a warm welcome to oversleeping and relaxing. Sucks for my friends who only have a four day break and have to go back to school on Wednesday. I have the whole week.


What to do with that extra time?

I’m thinking about buying a portable GPS navigator for my car. Only $200. I wonder how much it would cost to install that in my Prius.

Reminder to me: orthodontist appointment on Monday.

*** Update 6:22 PM ***

I had to post this short video of someone beating Mike Tyson — in his video game.

When I finally faced Iron Mike when I used to play this game, I got killed in about ten seconds. I got to him once more, but the game is so hard because you need pin point precision with your fingers. GRRR. Boxing is brutal.

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