Stupid Comments + Erin McKeown

Man. Some people are complete idiots. My media professor was talking about how media distorts the truth. He then mentions a few conspiracy theories about 9/11 and how demolition experts said that buildings don’t fall straight down when they collapse like that.

Some guy raises his hand and was like the World Trade Center didn’t fall straight down, it fell over.

Everyone else looked straight at him like he was crazy.

He’s like, “I’ve seen the video and buildings fall over. I’ve been to Ground Zero and all the surrounding buildings were damaged.”

This guy’s an absolute idiot. The professor responded by saying, “Uh no. The video shows the building collapsing and going nowhere but straight down.”


Apparently the video K-Fan show at the Erin McKeown concert earlier this month did have audio. It’s just that the video program I used to view it didn’t process the file correctly. All was fixed and now it’s been Youtubed.


D&L 3.0 is coming…

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