D&L Backups + Gripe Of The Day

Found out what was wrong with my web host. I apparently got SPAMMED up the ass and I had to delete almost 5000 messages from my webmail inbox. I found out this on my own. I wondered why my webhost storage read 200 MB. It never went down or up unless I deleted one of my database files.


Each email was like 40k too. JEEZ.

Gripe of the day:

I swam today at lunch time. I’m trying to flag some dude to let him know that I wanted to join him in the lane. There were two people in it. One guy saw me and started to circle swim. The other guy never saw him, and of course they almost crash.

The guy who didn’t see me said that it’s hard to see if another person wants to get in. That I should use my foot or kickboard to flag to flag him down.

I did do that asshole.

You are the kind of swimmer who looks straight down (which you’re not supposed to do anyway — although that kinda depends on who taught you to swim) and doesn’t pay attention to anything but your swimming. How can you not be aware or considerate of the other swimmers around you?


BTW, here’s a quick weather report for yesterday. It was supposed to be raining cats and dogs. Here’s a look at what it really was.

Notice the missing precipitation.

***10:50 AM NEXT DAY UPDATE***

Changed “Grip” to its proper spelling of “Gripe”. JEEZ. And I was an English major.

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