Weirdness + Oddness = Today

When someone gives you a weird look, you can pretty much chalk that up to being some random thought that possessed that person to suddenly change his/her facial expression. But when multiple people do it near you, you can pretty much chalk that up to either 1. your fly is down, 2. you smell, 3. they don’t really like you. Being the paranoid freak that I am, I’m going to assume all three of these choices rings true for me today. It made me very self-conscious for the first four hours of work today.

I stopped by my former workplace to drop off some keys that I had not yet returned. When I walked across the school, I was greeted by dozens of kids, all saying “Hey Mr. Wong. I thought you quit.” I was surprised and stunned. The word ‘quit’ seems so negative. Is that what the teachers told these kids my reason for leaving. That I gave up, I didn’t like it. I’d like to think that I left on pretty good terms with the school. They could have just said that I wanted to move on to something different, or something really passive and vague like that. Or I could just be underestimated these kids and how astute they are to the outside world.

My day could have even been a little better and that would have been fine. But no, my day was terrible. As always.

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