Jenny Lewis Concert Was Awesome

K-Fan and I hit up SF on Monday night (10/30/06). We attended a Jenny Lewis concert. It was awesome. She was accompanied by The Watson Twins. The funny thing was that the opening act was surprisingly good, although I don’t think anyone at the Fillmore caught the band’s name. I asked a bunch of people and no one knew. BTW, the belly of the lead singer is hypnotic. *Update – The opening band is Benji Hughes.

I’ll have to find that out. I took a quick picture on my camera phone, but it didn’t turn as well as I’d hope. You can see everyone in the band, and you can especially see how hot Jenny Lewis is. I think K-Fan is now a JL fan too. I’ll get that picture uploaded ASAP. After the show, they handed out commemorative posters of the concert. It was the last official stop on her tour. I know she’ll perform again this year, but it’s mostly one-stops.

Funny thing at work. There was a small contest involving the program Clock Faces. One of the games is a matching game involving digital time and its analog time counterpart. This kid got the class high score of 12. I promptly beat him with a score of 20. Man was he pissed.

Berkeley is the 226th (out of 371) safest city in the United States based on FBI figures of violent crimes within the last year.

Turned in my absentee ballot for the Nov. 7 elections today.

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