Jenny Lewis Concert Was Awesome

K-Fan and I hit up SF on Monday night (10/30/06). We attended a Jenny Lewis concert. It was awesome. She was accompanied by The Watson Twins. The funny thing was that the opening act was surprisingly good, although I don’t think anyone at the Fillmore caught the band’s name. I asked a bunch of people and no one knew. BTW, the belly of the lead singer is hypnotic. *Update – The opening band is Benji Hughes. … Continue reading…Jenny Lewis Concert Was Awesome

The Wizard (1989)

Nowadays, the term video game movie connotes something rather different than in the past. We hear video game movie and we instantly think of terrible adaptations of classic video games like Street Fighter, Doom, and pretty much anything made by Uwe Boll. Rarely has there been a movie inspired by video games about video games. … Continue reading…The Wizard (1989)