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I’ve recently noticed that all us guys in DnL and all the people who fit in DnL have something in common: We dont like competing. It seems that all of us really hate competing in things that we dont believe we’re good at especially in winning the heart of a person of the opposite gender so we all never really try, well Ted does try a bit, but he always halts himself half way because some other guy come into the picture and he kinda gives up. Maybe I’m wrong but in my experiences, I’ve noticed that I usually will give up if I come across any type of competition and count it as my loss probably because I don’t like people who go after more than one person at once. I mean if you really are interested in someone and kind of like them why would you go and get yourself interested in another person at the same time? To cause jealousy? Why create drama? Thats high school bullshit. Anyways I think that’s our flaw, that we tend to get pushed away because of other males, 1, either we’re too nice/polite about it, or 2, we just aren’t confident enough. I think we all need to somehow build up confidence and push away other males who come into our paths and not care about how they feel. oO maybe we can end up only being dorks and not losers anymore ^^.

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