Fun & Tired Filled Weekend

Yesterday, we went to the Sacramento Zoo, which was a very sad zoo. None of the animals had big enough enclosures for them to play in. It was very hot so none of the animals were excited or playful. They were all just lying there or sleeping. Although very small, the Sac Zoo was nice looking. Also went to Costco.

Sacramento Zoo 4/29/06 Sacramento Zoo 4/29/06 Sacramento Zoo 4/29/06Sacramento Zoo 4/29/06 Sacramento Zoo 4/29/06 Sacramento Zoo 4/29/06

Today, we went on another hike at Canyon Creek. Blub, Rlyconfused and I all went through the entire hike trail. We finished it, but boy were we all tired. It didn’t help that Rlyconfused and I did nothing but walk yesterday at the zoo and Costco. It was fun.

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