Wow, I am actually surprised that I still have administration privileges. Thanks Tan the Man. So alot has happened to me since I last posted. Well, of course since I have continued to live and breathe. I turned 21 and got wasted at a bar. I went to Las Vegas with my parents and davistiger (he won a thousand, I lost five hundred). I passed a midterm above the curve, wrote a paper in three hours, rescued a dying chick only to have it lethally injected, and made beef and cheese manicottis with Diane and Lica, the first girls I’ve had over to the house this year for just fun and hanging out. Went to Lake Tahoe and lost $20 on a slot machine for the first time, saw the Bellagio’s water show, and got a bird (her name is Shiela and she’s an Australian Zebra Finch). I got my very first massage and body scrub from a professional masseuse and it was wonderful. I saw Ka (Cirque de Sole) and it was the very first play/show that I didn’t fall asleep at. 🙂
There’s a party tonight at Andy’s place. It starts at 10. I think I’ll go. There’s not much going on this weekend… I think rlyconfused is attempting to organize a zoo trip tomorrow. We’ll see what comes of it. I have a group meeting on sunday to go over a powerpoint presentation we’ll give in class on tuesday.
Rosabelle didn’t call me on my birthday. My 21st birthday. She hasn’t called me at all, actually. It’s still bothering me three weeks later…

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Tan the Man had another mental boo boo. HAHAHAHA!!!! English major my ass!

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