Project iPhoto Is Going Smooth

Upgrading from iPhoto 2 or 3 to iPhoto 6 didn’t go as smoothly as I thought it would. Instead of a clean install + photo library upgrade, it gave me a lot of great thumbnails but no pictures. I had to back up my photos and delete everything in my iPhoto folder. I reimported all of my photos and began the almost impossible task of renaming all 1000 photos. I set out, but I realized that iPhoto 6 is way faster to manage and use than the previous version that I had. I imported and renamed my library in about a half an hour. Wow. Apple sure did a great job with it. Now my iPhoto library is clean as my butt after I wipe it in the morning.

I’m taking a GRE practice test on Saturday. I convinced rlyconfused and Blub to do it. Wendy already decided to take it, so for about two hours on Saturday, I’m consciously taking a superfluous test. Yipee.

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