So we have a new member in our household… his name is Mafia and he’s a little hellraiser. Rlyconfused got a a new kitten from the Woodland animal shelter and has decided to call him Mafia because of his tuxedo-esk black and white coloring. He’s really cute, but still kind of evil. He and Romeo seem to be doing fine with one another now, but it was kind of touch and go at first. Mafia pretty much owned Romeo in the beginning. Sheesh… my cat is such a baby. He couldn’t even stand up to a six month old kitten! But now they rough and tumble like the best of em. Romeo fights back to Mafia’s playful kitten antics and it rarely escalates into anything aggressive. Now, I think Romeo likes it better in Rlyconfused’s room better with Mafia. That’s ok, Tony and I will win him back.

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