Every Move A Picture – Opposition Party EP (2006)

Every Move A Picture - Opposition PartyHailing from San Francisco, CA, Every Move A Picture embraces dance rock like fellow Bay Area band, The Lovemakers. In anticipation to the band’s debut full-length album, Every Move A Picture and its label, V2, decided to give away the Opposition Party EP in order to thank their fans and friends. If the EP is any indication, the band’s full-length album will be an infectious blend of dance club melodies and synthesizers.

EMAP takes a page from Kraftwerk in “Signs Of Life” with its synth beats. The song’s lyrics have much to be desired, but they don’t have to be poetry as much as they have to sync with the beat. With “On The Edge Of Something Beautiful (At 12 AM),” the band does a better job matching the lyrics with the beat. The lyrics and the beat are simpler, yet catchier, which helps explain why Tegan & Sara’s “Walking With A Ghost” is so darn good. The guitar chords in “Chemical Burns” is reminiscent of Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” while “St. John’s Night” combines the new wave feel of The Bravery, the dance feel of New Order and the epic feel that only U2 can provide.

Every Move A Picture mixes new wave with dance in a frolic of neon lights and nonstop dancing feet. Retro 80s music has never sounded so good as Depeche Mode continues to expand its following. If you want a copy of Opposition Party, send your name and address here.

Every Move A Picture

[photo via Pirate Pods]

Every Move A Picture

[photo via Future Sounds]

Track list:

    1. Signs Of Life
    2. On The Edge Of Something Beautiful (At 12AM)
    3. Chemical Burns
    4. St. John’s Night (Lamacq Live BBC Session Version)

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