WonderCon 2006

Another WonderCon has come and passed and this year I was joined by Rlyconfused and Jinamina. I enjoyed myself and I think they did too. Too bad Andy didn’t come. He might have had fun too. We saw panels by J.J. Abrams and Bryan Singer. They were surprisingly very candid and friendly. Singer even brought out his special guest – Brandon Routh.

I’ll get some pictures up and running later today. We got a bunch of posters and other free stuff. We also had a really expensive dinner… GRRRR. Well, at least I wasn’t in Davis on Saturday, and being in San Francisco is a whole lot better considering how great the weather has been lately.

BTW – I got the worst fortune from a fortune cookie the other day:

“Promote literacy. Buy a box of fortune cookies today.”

Also uploaded some news pictures to the D&L Flickr account… Take a gander…

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  1. tan the man, sorry to disappoint, but my friend just told me that cat power has canceled her show at freeborn due to some health problem. yeah, i am disappointed too. anyone up for belle&sebastian?

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