I’m Heartbroken… Bring Back Roswell!

After two weeks of watching seasons two and three of Roswell hardcore, I am done. I stayed up late to finish, and I couldn’t go to sleep. Knowing the show was over, I missed it. I thought I would sleep it off, but I still thought about those aliens at Roswell High. I’m heartbroken. I want them back.

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  1. The decision of bringing back the show is ours the fans what we have to do is stop buying stuff from Fox and don’t go to see anything that has to do with Fox and stop watching the shows so when their ratings go down the will ask why and they will know why because of Roswell BRING BACK ROSWELL!!!!

  2. Yeah, no kidding! We seriously need to brainstorm something more “in-your-face” (but peaceful haha!) to get the attention of Fox, WB, or UPN! (A movie would be okay, but see, Roswell has so much in it that the necessary content to appease us couldn’t possibly be contained within 1-2 hours. Anything crammed in that time span would still leave the fans wanting more.)
    Perhaps we can even get the SciFi channel or some other channel interested in perhaps holding the fourth season of Roswell? Roswell got a second season (barely) because fans sent in somewhere around a 6,000 tabasco bottles. I think they tried to do that to WB for a third season, but the network ignored it. Then UPN picked up the show. Imagine what a network would do if it got an outward sign of somewhere around 60,000 fans or (better) more (the bottle thing or something more creative?)!!
    The problems: What exactly would we do, and how?

  3. roswell was one of the best shows that i have seen in along time. seen it on netflix and i want more bring it back

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