D&L Hits The 600 Unique Vistors Milestone

The impossible has finally arrived. After months of believing this day would have come, it has finally come. Dorks And Losers has finally reached its 600 unique vistor mark. For many reasons, this didn’t happen for September or October, but November reached this milestone. Sadly, my dream of hitting 1000 by December probably won’t happen, but it will someday.

I’m so happy…

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  1. Hey, I just came and wanted to comment because I read your profile off of Alien’s boy “food” blog.

    Then I saw that you were studying Biology at UC Davis and had Jeff Corwin as a sort of idol. Even your dream job–having a show on discovery like his show–makes me chuckle, because that would be my dream job too.

    It’s nice to meet another semi-like me,

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