Complaint To Starbucks Corporate…

I emailed Starbucks Corporate to complain about my unpleasant experience:

Hi. I ordered a mint mocha from the cashier. I had to repeat myself a few times because the cashier (male) did nothing but stare at the girls behind me. After I ordered, I sat down. I waited for 5 minutes. The cashier gives the girls a free coffee, and talks to them. When I thought he had finished my mint mocha, he gives it to the girls because apparently they ordered a mint mocha too. I wait another 5 minutes before this guy gives me my mint mocha. This guy gives the girls a free coffee and a mint mocha before I got mine, even though I was ahead of those girls.

I received this response:

I have not yet received my coupons for free Starbucks drinks, but I think I will soon.

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