Holla If You’re Sick Of School Already

I’d like to give a shout-out to all of you who have just come to the realization that school sucks. Man, I’ve only been in school for two days, and I’m already sick of it – and today I’ve only been working! One more quarter is enough. I can’t imagine staying in school any longer.

Man, the 49ers stink. At least the Raiders do to, so that’s fine.

Holla if ya hear me.


1. Put 200 GB on your iPod nano instead of the 2 or 4 GB installed. One catch – the battery lasts only six seconds: here.
2. Soon to be released Video iPod: here. Finally!
3. Dark chocolate helps relieve diarrhea. Dammit. Why God! Why can’t milk chocolate help? Here.

Brown Eyed Girl, I think you might need to change your name. There are a few girls who beat you to it…

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