My First Day Of School

Wow. I forgot how many people can actually roam around the UC Davis campus at one time. For the past three months, I’ve been used to the campus and city being a sorta ghost town. The new school year has started and with a new influx of freshmen, the campus is busier than ever. The one good thing is that most of the construction preparing for the new year has mostly been completed. The drawback, however, is all of the new people unaccustomed to riding bicycles has forced me to be more diligent and watchful while on the road. Dammit. This will hinder my girl-watching-while-riding-my-bicycle abilities.

Happy 22nd Birthday To Will!


• Yahoo! and Google might be the next Time Warner and Disney: here.
• Criminals try to carjack undercover FBI agents… not pretty: here.

Cool baby tortoise with two heads. Neat!

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  1. The FBI story is pretty funny 🙂 . Also I hate having to type an email address everytime I want to post a comment.

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