What’s up Joc?

So for the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed that I’ve been MIA and for that, I apologize. Here, have a fill-in.

Finals- scary, big, over (grades of A- and C achieved yay!)
Indiana- wedding, godmother, extended family, new house (not mine), total loss of diet, gambling, etc.
Glendale- home, family, The Corpse Bride, Flight Plan, dogs, Halloween supplies
Davis- hours to breathe and do nothing, decorate, prepare for school, back on diet, who am I kidding… SIMS!!

So yeah, that’s it. Use your imagination, fill in some blanks, get a little dirty if it makes you happy. Mmmm back to a nap. *sigh*

Oh yeah. Financial aid took my money away so I’m overdrawn on my bank account by $55.43 and owe the school $2,540.50 in tuition. Sorry rlyconfused, but could I pay you in a few weeks for bills?

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