Only A Few More Days Of Vacation

Thursday is a new start of another school year, and boy am I not looking forward to it – well, 50/50. Another generation of cute girls awaits to be discovered, although BEG will tell you that I won’t be active in any girlfriend finding… Ghandi always believed in passivity.

One more week of the regular baseball season and the Giants are 4 games behind the Padres with only 7 games left. I think the Giants can do it. In another front, the only fantasy baseball league I care about has me against my good friend, Johnny, in the World Series. It’s a two week final matchup, but it doesn’t look too good for me. There’s only one more week left and I’m down 0-13-1. Damn.

Cool link:

  1. An explanation for the “Cheerio effect” – here

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