I love Berkeley.

I’m currently doing my take-home final. I had to stop by Blockbuster to rent a couple of films to watch for the final. The homeless guy, who I’ve seen standing at that same corner in front of Blockbsuter for the past 10 years, asked me for some change, but I promised him I’d give him dollar on the way out. But I forgot that I don’t carry cash on me anymore and I paid with ATM. Next time around, big guy.

I hate Berkeley.

Berkeley recently installed all of these roundabouts in the city to curb pedestrian accidents and improve road safety. What a hassle. I can see why roundabouts would be installed since there are so many bad drivers in the Bay Area, but damn. My short cuts through Berkeley are no longer short cuts because of the time it takes to get around these things that take up more than 50% of the intersection. Damn!

Yesterday, I drove by and saw this cute jogger. The only reason I’m pointing the jogger out is because I was impressed. This chick is hardcore because she was (1) jogging in a part of Berkeley I wouldn’t walk by myself at and she was (2) doing it at dusk. She has guts.

I must finish my final, so I can start doing other useless things. Expect a major D&L update. I’m fixing a lot of bugs in the WordPress themes I downloaded. It might take a while.

I think I’m gonna start a new D&L media page. I’m using Ourmedia to host the video files that D&L has made over the years. I’ll include more when the site is revamped. Here are the links to what I uploaded so far: Lake Tahoe, Prank On Brad

Interesting links for this week:

    1. How to find a human operator when calling customer services of various companies: here
    2. List of domain sales for the first half of 2005 and their sale prices: here
    3. Apple packrats and other people like me who save their Apple product boxes: here
    4. Great article on “rock snobbery” and the real reason why I have so many iTunes songs: here
    5. Google is “rumoured” to be hiring any and all attractive women to its offices: here
    6. New Nintendo Revolution controller. As weird as it looks – it still looks amazing: here
    7. Tribute to the holy SNES: here


3 Replies to “Berkeley – HOME SWEET HOME”

  1. whoa, i never knew about that prank on bj. how unfortunate i wasn’t part of it.
    by the way, tan the man, i forgot to take my camera to the interpol concert. god, i’m so dumb! oh yeah, and i already bought the bright eyes tickets. you should all go too!

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