Scammed At Starbucks

So, my friends and I decide to go to the outlet mall in Vacaville. We do a little shopping. We separate and do our own things. Rlyconfused and I head over to Target. Once we walk in, we see a mini-Starbucks inside the store. “We gotta hit that on the way out,” I say. Rlyconfused nods. We look around, find nothing and buy nothing. I head over to Starbucks to buy my mint mocha. It didn’t start out well. I go in line, which the teenage male employee sees. This woman goes into the correct line, and the employee services her.

I move over to her line. Another five minutes pass before the employee nods to me. However, at the same time that I’m about to say my order, these high school girls walk in line. The employee asks me for my order. I have to repeat myself three times because this teenage male employee has nothing but his eyes and mind on the girls behind me. All I want is one grande mint mocha!

Rlyconfused gets nothing and we sit for another five minutes. The male employee starts hitting on the girls, chats up a storm about not liking coffee (even though he works at a Starbucks) and even gives them a free coffee. Another minute passes and I see the employee finish a mint mocha. I get up, and he gives it to the girls. He says that the mint mochas are theirs. Apparently they ordered a mint mocha too. How the hell did they get their mint mochas before me? Another minute passes before he hands me my mint mocha. Stupid punk.

Thinking back after telling the others, I should have threw my mint mocha in the employee’s face. Wu Tang suggested that I should’ve drank it, spit it on the floor and vomited at the Starbucks so the guy would’ve had to clean it up. I should’ve caused a rucas, but I didn’t.

And not only do I have put up with this adolescent behavior, I also have to pay more for my mint mocha. At my local Starbucks, a grande mint mocha is $3.70. At the mini-Starbucks, it is $3.80. I didn’t think it’d be that big of deal. I was willing to spend the extra ten cents; however, little did I know that I would also have to pay for sales tax. Never have I paid for sales tax when buying a coffee or hot chocolate – even at a mall! Not only do I pay ten cents extra on the crappy drink, but I also pay 28 cents more for taxes to the government.

The moral of the story – never buy from a mini-Starbucks at a Target. Starbucks is known for its service, and I was not satisfied. Never get serviced from a hormone crazed teenage male employee when girls are around.

I’m going to write a complaint to that Starbucks because I did not have a good experience. My mint mocha sucked too. Grrr.

Here’s a copy of the receipt. Me no lie.

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