How God-like I Am In Fantasy Baseball

How god-like am I in fantasy baseball? Look at the pictures and see my standings.

Out of 16 teams (top four of each column are full season leagues, bottom four are midseason leagues), I am lead five of them. I rank second in four of them. I have two third place teams. Please note that these two third place teams were second last week; however, I was slumping last week. It’s funny how each column has exactly two teams that I am pretty much out of in, including two teams ranked 11th, one 9th and one 7th. You only need to be ranked 6th to make the playoffs, so I still have hope in league 365558.

The team to watch out for is We Might Be Giants in in the SF 2005 Champions league. I have been in the league with my friends and fantasy rivals for many years. The past three years, I ended the season in second place; although I whithered in the playoffs. This year, I will finish in first place and win the league. This I vow!

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