Separation of Church and State

Ok, all of this intelligent design crap is pissing me off. Not the idea of intelligent design, but how the government is starting to force public schools to teach it. There’s an article in “The Week” about how the President is trying to show children both sides of the arguement. Intelligent design is supposed to be an alternative to evolution. Ok, this is my arguement… if you want to teach alternatives to evolution, you have to teach ALL of them… that means every religion that has a different opinion on how the universe and earth and human beings were created. Intelligent design is only one other opinion- the christian/pseudoscience version. What about Buddhism? What about ancient Greek and Roman religions? What about the thousands of other explanations out there? I’m all for talking about possibilities and theories and getting kids to think, but there is a time and place for that. Science rooms are for SCIENCE. Religious conversations are for philosophy classes or better yet, churches, synagogues, temple… whatever! It is very clear to me that the Christian population of America (and I do mean CHRISTIAN) is trying to push their religious ideals onto the unsuspecting masses- the children. To make matters worse, they are using the government to do this. Why can’t people see that this is a total breach of church and state, a separation laid down in the Constitution by the men and women who founded this nation? America is the land of the free… we aren’t supposed to have any religious beliefs forced upon us because we are supposed to be free to choose what we want to believe. If parents want their children to believe certain things, then it is up to them to teach their children those things. Then, in turn, it is up to those children to believe what they want. But let me make this very clear. It is NOT up to the other parents and the rest of the country to decide what religious beliefs a child MUST learn in a public school. Science courses are a must in a child’s public education, theology is not. If you want the children to be forced to learn intelligent design, pressure President Bush to add Theology to the high school curriculum, don’t intrude on Science.

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