Terrell Owens Compares Himself To Jesus

Terrell Owens and his current agent, Drew Rosenhaus, have been wanting to renegotiate Owens’ contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, and Owens has threatened to not attend the mandatory training camps this summer. He talked to the press and compared himself to Jesus.

Owens told the Miami Herald, “At the end of the day, I don’t have to worry about what people think of me, whether they hate me or not. People hated on Jesus. They threw stones at him and tried to kill him, so how can I complain or worry about what people think?”

Never one to shy away from controversy, Owens continued, “How can you justify hating me after I worked so hard rehabilitating from a broken leg to get back to the Super Bowl to help our team try to win? Really, you’ve got to look at who the villain really is in this thing.”

Wow. Owens thinks that he is in the same “conspiracy” boat as Jesus Christ. I don’t think Owens understands that the backlash that might exist against Owens is more for his mouth, and maybe his personality, than his skin color. Talking too much and talking with his foot-in-his-mouth are nowhere near the racism that Jesus faced.

Owens is trying to renegotiate the seven-year, $49 million deal that Owens signed before last season with his former agent, David Joseph. Owen has six more years on his current contract, and believes that his current contract doesn’t compensate for his talent or his player value.

Do I think that Owens’ contract represents his full value? No, and it’s not his fault nor is it the fault of the Eagles. The fault lies with his former agent whom Owens fired. But he doesn’t help his situation with comments like this.

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