And so the future looks quite grim…

I’m in complete agreement with Tan the Man there. The future looks quite grim. But for me, the future holds a particular kind of grimness. You see, my future holds the “trapped in lab” grimness that I have come to know ever so well. You see, out of the next 72 hours in my life, I will be spending at least 20 of them moving stuff from test tube A to test tube B, spinning test tube B in a big machine that makes a loud and boy do I mean LOUD sound not unlike a cat’s screech. But louder. And then moving stuff from test tube B to test tube C. Every half hour. For 20 hours.

Oh and all of this under a time constraint. If I don’t put in enough time at the beginning (read as: if I don’t stay until midnight) my experiment dies (read as: everything goes to hell) and i get to do the entire thing over again. To those of you who know the joy of titrating in chem 2B, this is a million times worse.

Shoot me now.

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  1. I feel your pain rlyconfused. Right now my life looks like it is heading that way also. I will be spending the rest of my life in a lab, if I dont find something else. I might be considering switching and going into business once I graduate. Hey, whatever it takes right now. 🙂
    > Davistiger

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