I Hate School

I have come to the realization today that I absolutely hate school. There’s no other way to say it. I could pretend that I like it. I could lie. But it wouldn’t help because I hate it. I got B’s on my midterms that I got back today, and I felt that I could have done better, but I have no motivation to. What’s the point?

I have also come to the realization that I have been completely unmotivated for the past four months. Nothing excites me, not even DVDs! I still buy them, but I don’t watch them anymore nor do I ever feel like watching them. I need a new obsession. I started a new mini-hobby/job as an assistant editor to Blogcritics.org. I write on a regular basis on the site too, but I think I might have lost that zest that I had for it a couple of months ago. Maybe I’m just depressed. Maybe I’m just bored. Maybe I just hit the peak of my existence, and am just starting to see the downhill.

Oh by the way, how do you like the new Dorksandlosers.com? I copied my brother’s template, and for some reason I didn’t like it the first time that I saw when I was looking for themes. But looking on my bro’s site, it jumped at me. Well, I tinkered with it a little bit, will probably tinker with it more – my page tan.dorksandlosers.com is funky. Must fix.


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  1. Hey! Rlyconfused hates school right now too! Well, he says he’s just sick of math… but I’m pretty sure it’s school in general. I too hate school Tan the Man. Just remember though that you have only one more year. We both have two, plus grad school and doctorate programs. You will soon be free Tan the Man… free to run naked in the hills while all of the cows watch in awe of your nude splendor. 😉 It’ll be ok.

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