Tiring Day…

Yup, today was a Monday and man was I tired. I got my regular seven hours of sleep, yet for most of the day I struggled to keep my eyes open. I guess it started when I was woken up by the hammerings of my landlord. I can’t wait to move out. Went to class. I had a Native American Studies midterm today. I have an english presentation on Thursday to which I must say that I have the least urge to do well on it. Stupid teacher, and him trying something new. It’s the summer! Just give us our paper assignments and leave us to our own devices. At least it wasn’t hot today – er, that hot. It was a little on the cool side. But it’s gonna be a scorcher tomorrow with possible cooling in time for the weekend. Yah!

Video iPod soon? Link here. It should have come sooner, if it comes in September as the rumor says.

Got Million Dollar Baby in the mail today. Yah! I should’ve opened and watched it today, but for some reason I didn’t feel like it. I really need to become more motivated. It seems I’ve become lazy to everything – even DVDs! I need help.

Looking at my brother’s website: Rx Intern… I must say that his WordPress theme is much better than mine. So expect a new look soon for this site. Hopefully it will look much better. How come nobody told me?

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