Nothing Much

Whoa. It sure has been a long time between my own blogs and reviews. I’ll try to maintain a pace. Man, the Giants keep losing. We sure do need Bonds. I can’t believe Marat Safin lost the semifinals of the French Open. Man. Well, i don’t have much on my mind, but if I do, I’ll blog again.

I found a deal on of some DVD box sets. It was a deal with 50-75% off the UK price until I found what the exchange rate between the dollar and the pound. $1 to 1.81 pounds. Man, I thought it was closer to 1.21 which is what the Euro is around. Darn. I’ll still get it, but Jia Min lost interest. I plan to get the Werner Herzog, Alfred Hitchcock and another collection set. Darn, how can I forget the last one?

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