Excited Nonetheless

Whoa, I have just been asked to write a few articles on the French Open for Popmatters.com. Man am I excited! I like the website, and I am excited about this opportunity. Hopefully my writing has improved enough to be able to hold up against other writers. I thought that I’d have more free time to myself since I finished most of my CD reviews sans my review on Howie Day, which is almost done. Now I have to finish at least one article by Friday and another by Sunday and then a couple retrospective articles by next week. Grrr. But this is a happy Grrr.

Man, I think I ignored LK again. I let her go, but I guess I still like her. Ahh! Maybe I can drown my girl troubles with candy. Last week it was cookies. This week is ice cream. Next week will be Airheads. Now, only I have to find some mass quanitites of them.

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