Review: The Samples – Very Best Of (2005)

The Samples - The Very Best Of

The Samples - The Very Best OfThe truth is most bands never achieve success — commercial or critical success. The dedicated bands strive to make quality music, and the success will follow. The Samples (and Phish comes to mind) have followed such a road of being dumped by their record label, but continuing to make their music. Their combination of folk, reggae and rock makes soothing sounds and body-swaying induced movements.

Recently, I attended a festival supporting the environment, and there was a Samples cover band. The music completely fit with the atmosphere — friendly people, good food and having fun in the natural surroundings. Relaxation is the best word to describe The Samples.

Most of the songs include instrumental solos or just the instruments themselves. The music is as important as the lyrics, maybe even more. On tracks like “Taking Us Home,” the music is more distinct than the lyrics. “Birth Of Words” help show that this band could just cut the lyrics out entirely of their songs and still make good music.

“Still Water” shows that the band can rock with its stirring guitar intro and gentle vocals. One is reminded of arena rock ballads inside an open stadium. The range changes from crowds waving their arms in the air of “Walted Up” to the Pink Floyd/Bob Marley influenced “Nitrous Fall.” Mainstream audiences might never hear of The Samples, but they will always have a home in open-air concerts and festivals.

Track list:

  1. Feel Us Shaking
  2. Birth Of Words
  3. Walted Up
  4. When It’s Raining
  5. Did Ya Ever Look So Nice
  6. 14th And Euclid
  7. Taking Us Home
  8. Little Silver Ring
  9. Still Water
  10. Nitrous Fall
  11. Water Rush
  12. Only To You
  13. Weight Of The World
  14. My Town (live 1992)
  15. Summertime
  16. Nature
  17. When The Day Is Done

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