M83 – Before The Dawn Heals Us (2005)

Nevertheless, M83 crafts inspired tracks that balance the awe of fantasy and the certainty of life’s ultimate monotony. It works brilliantly even if the song comprises of repeated single lyric (“Can’t Stop”) or reverts us back to the 1980s world of 8-bit sci-fi arcade video games and retro electronic rock (“A Guitar And A Heart”). The only true solace is that your dreams will eventually live on with someone else. … Continue reading…M83 – Before The Dawn Heals Us (2005)

M83 – M83 (2001)

Part of M83’s allure is their willingness to adjust and vary. As noticed by many of their somewhat frenzied songs, the duo never wants to get stale. However, they sometimes hit the right dream pop note (“At The Party” and “My Face”) and unfortunately never seem to want to find out where the ambiance will take them. As minute-long tracks, they sound out-of-place but then again I guess that’s just M83 for you. … Continue reading…M83 – M83 (2001)

M83 – Saturdays=Youth (2008)

Gonzalez had previously experimented with a less electronic and more ambient sound on the earlier Digital Shades, Vol. 1. He wanted to follow it up with something different: “I wanted to make the record sound really eighties” (press release). The result is the aptly titled Saturdays=Youth to encapsulate both the innocence and indifference of that decade’s teen-angst filled youth. “Saturday is definitely the coolest day of the week for a teenager.” … Continue reading…M83 – Saturdays=Youth (2008)