Not Again, Kyrie Irving Has 0 Assists

Kyrie Irving (photo credit: Erik Drost)

Kyrie Irving (photo credit: Erik Drost)

Oh no. I wonder what LeBron James is going to say to Kyrie Irving after Irving had zero assists in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 99-96 loss to the Chicago Bulls tonight.

Not only did Irving assist no one on his team (James alone had 14 assists versus 17 for the entire Bulls team), but he also only scored 11 points on 3-13 shooting with a box minus 8. The bottom line was this away game in Chicago was totally winnable, but Irving needs to play much better than he did in Game 3 if the Cavs are going to win this series.

UPDATE: Edited for clarity. Added postgame conference video on the subject.

[photo via Erik Drost/flickr]

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