Adele | “Rolling In The Deep”

Adele | “Rolling In The Deep” | 21 (2011)

Listened to Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” for a few times now. It’s good, but does anyone else think it sounds similar to Feist‘s “Sea Lion Woman” (popularized previously by Nina Simone’s version, “See-Line Woman“)?

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  1. She sounds a lot like Nina. Her use of the drums at the beginning reminds me of a song I can’t place, maybe the one you mention.

  2. I also detected a strong resonance with Nina Simone, not just in the timbre of voice and style, but also the slightly dark, edgy quality of the music and lyrics. I think the strong bassline and beat — or rather the pounding, repetitive, driving rhythm, which doesn’t necessarily come from a bassline — is present in a few Nina Simone songs. It reminded me most of “Sinnerman,” probably one of her finest.

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