Really Trekkies? Your Favorite Star Trek: Voyager Character Was The Doctor?

Seven Of Nine (Jeri Ryan)

I know the polls haven’t closed yet, but really? The Doctor was your favorite Star Trek: Voyager character (with 31% of total votes)? Second… Kathryn Janeway (with 29%).

And Seven Of Nine (played by the lovely Jeri Ryan)… came in a lowly third at 27%. Personally, I voted for Tom Paris.

Star Trek: Voyager Character Poll 1-19-2011

And the full not-quite-finished results.

The Doctor – 559 (31%)
Kathryn Janeway – 522 (29%)
Kes – 52 (3%)
Neelix – 43 (2%)
Tom Paris – 147 (8%)
Seven Of Nine – 483 (27%)

Please note: My vote took place on 20 January 2011 at 11:06 PM PST.

[photo via MorganZilla]

2 Replies to “Really Trekkies? Your Favorite Star Trek: Voyager Character Was The Doctor?”

  1. the doctor was the best. The borg character was a good idea just poorly executed, plus jeri ryan isn’t very good, she just has nice tits. Janeway sucked cause every time she had 2 options she always chose the stupid one. and as for Tom paris he was almost decent but alot of the episodes about him were obnoxious, plus his best friend was a douche. oh yeah and his wife complained too much.

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