New Yahoo! Mail Beta Has No Love For Opera

I like the new Yahoo! Mail beta. I like even more that I can “Try It Now” without having to win the chance to beta test it or do some hack.

I like it so far, but unfortunately my main browser of choice on the Windows side is Opera (current version 10.63). Yahoo! Mail Beta currently only works for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari (and in only that order). I haven’t tried Chrome.

Yahoo! Mail Beta in Opera 10.63

Yahoo! Where’s the love for the Opera?

3 Replies to “New Yahoo! Mail Beta Has No Love For Opera”

  1. I had the same with O10.10 WinXP SP2, check if you have all system updates – especially .NET Framework and MSXML which are responsible for Ajax

  2. To solve it go to site preference and then network tab then choose identify as internet explorer or fireforx then reload the page

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