Yahoo! Rolling Out New Search Page

I was browsing the Yahoo! homepage when I noticed that “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” was #4 on “Trending Now.”

So, I clicked the link, and it brought me to Yahoo’s recently announced revamped search page.

New Yahoo Search - Twilight-Breaking Dawn

The biggest change is the use of AJAX tabs that help filter between related content of “Stories,” “Images,” “Videos,” and “Twitter.” It’s funny that for a movie as big as a Twilight sequel that the search page would also give you an “Overview” tab similar to the one that Toy Story 3 gets in the TechCrunch article.

But I’ll have to admit that the new search page is “more visually pleasing” and actually is somewhat “blurring between typing in a query and getting a bunch of a links.” Still, I like that Yahoo! is finally showing interest in refreshing itself every once in a while.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been selected to try a revamped Yahoo! Mail. Soon, I hope.

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