FAIL: Chuck Barney For Spoiling Lost For Me

Chuck BarneyJesus spoke of forgiveness. I’ve been trying, but I can’t seem to forgive Chuck Barney for spoiling Lost for me.

To me, Lost had always seemed to be the perfect show to watch by the season, with hours spent watching episodes back-to-back until it the sun came up. I had only started watching Lost, and I finally caught up to roughly the 18th episode of the first season before a certain Chuck Barney decided to casually mention a tidbit of the series finale in his annual Emmy Award schpeel without the courtesy warning.

Wasted were years of waiting to watch the six seasons of Lost the way I wanted to. Boy was it hard to not watch Lost all those years. Boy was it even harder to avoid reading or listening to spoilers from seemingly everyone around me who watched the show. But it sure was easy for Mr. Chuck Barney to ruin a crucial moment in Lost with a few mere words.

Yes, it’s been two months since that fateful day when I decided to read Chuck Barney’s “These actors deserve Emmy nominations” article.

Warning: Spoiler Alert.

How hard would that have been, Chuck?

Damn you.

At least, I’m not the only life you ruined. No, I don’t accept your unremorseful apology in your follow-up “Never too late for a spoiler alert” article that was a month too late.

Shame on you for assuming that ANY period of time is long enough to think that a writing a non-spoiler warning television factoid. Shame on me for reading your articles.


Extremely upset.


These were mild words from your former readers…

I hate you.

Chuck Barney gives FAIL a bad name!

[image via Mercury News]

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