FAIL: Rep. Ronald Paul For Voting No On ‘Grown In America’ Act

Rep. Dennis Cardoza introduced H.Res. 1558 or the ‘Grown In America’ Act on 26 July 2010.

Not familiar with the bill?

Waving American Flag

Here’s the official summary:

Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that fruit and vegetable and commodity producers are encouraged to display the American flag on labels of products grown in the United States, reminding us all to take pride in the healthy bounty produced by American farmers and workers.

It’s a largely symbolic bill, and in coincidentally passed easily… but with a final vote of 403-1.

I’ve started to make it a habit to question the person who has the lone opposing vote. In this case, it was Rep. Ronald Paul.

Republicans Debate

Why vote no when almost every single one of your peers voted in favor of it (although there were 28 abstaining votes)?

I have no idea. I could make an assumption based on Rep. Ronald Paul representing Texas, but what would be the point? I tried doing a quick search and came up empty. I’ll let you decide on the problem with trying to proudly represent American agriculture?

The bottom line is he voted no on H.Res. 1558, and the result was FAIL.

Update: Using the slick service Poligraft, it turns out that Rep. Ronald Paul’s main “Points of Influence” are the industries of “Finance/Insurance/Real Estate, Misc. Business, and Communications/Electronics.” I don’t really see a relationship of Rep. Ronald Paul that could have influenced his ‘no’ vote.

[photos via Warhammer USA | ynotvote4ronpaul]

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