MGMT – Congratulations (2010)

MGMT - CongratulationsAfter listening to MGMT‘s Congratulations non-stop for weeks, I have come to the conclusion that I do not like it — that much.

May a slightly large aural crush on the band’s debut Oracular Spectacular have I? Perhaps. May a slightly high expectation on the band’s sophomore album Congratulations have I? Perhaps.

I took Andrew VanWyngarden’s words to heart with his words that some fans would find the sophomore album a disappointment.

“This album to me is something that needs to be listened to kind of carefully and a couple of times to really get into it, and I think there’s a good chance that a lot of people will kind of immediately brush it off.”

When I finally listened to the album, I used the same approach I did with Scarlett Johansson’s debut Anywhere I Lay My Head, which I eventually loved after constantly hitting repeat. But after many, many repeats, I don’t think I like it as much as Oracular Spectacular, which is probably to be expected considering how much I liked the first album.

No inclination to pelvic thrust during “Electric Feel”. No urge to head-bop during “Kids”. While the first single “Flash Delirium” is similar to “Time To Pretend,” there isn’t that immediate sexual umph. Yes, I have listened to the album carefully, but after a while, many of the songs blur into one large smoke-filled psychedelic haze — or was I simply listening to the opus “Siberian Breaks” repeatedly instead?

Sure, “It’s Working” has a bit of infectious melodies and tones, but it’s early and too late. I’m disappointed. Congratulations is definitely listenable, but I feel so burdened by my adoration for Oracular Spectacular that I simply cannot give MGMT the proper love.

Track List

    1. It’s Working
    2. Song For Dan Treacy
    3. Someone’s Missing
    4. Flash Delirium
    5. I Found A Whistle
    6. Siberian Breaks
    7. Brian Eno
    8. Lady Dada’s Nightmare
    9. Congratulations


To see MGMT live, please view the band’s 50-minute performance on CBS’ Live On Letterman.

Set List

    1. Flash Delirium
    2. Destrokk
    3. The Youth
    4. Electric Feel
    5. It’s Working
    6. The Handshake
    7. Song For Dan Treacy
    8. Time To Pretend
    9. Congratulations
    10. Brian Eno

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