The Dig – Electric Toys (2010)

The Dig - Electric ToysIt’s always nice to hear tales of bands finally making it to the limelight after years of simple hard work.

It’s also nice to hear tales of bands that formed when the musicians were little, stuck together, and now succeed as one. That’s what happened to New York-natives The Dig.

David Baldwin (vocals/guitar) and Emile Mosseri (vocals/bass) met each other in sixth grade in sweet ole Winchester County, and they soon met Erick Eiser (guitar/keyboard) in high school. The three of them then relocated to New York City to become The Dig full-time. Jamie Alegre (drums) later joined, and the four have played non-stop since.

The debut album Electric Toys is the result after years of the band working hard, playing music non-stop, and constantly promoting themselves. What’s sweeter for us is that the music is actually pretty good, especially as the band’s music balances the mellow with the intense and the pop with the rock.

The opening “Carry Me Home” has a pleasant low-tempo tone that also carries bursts of intensity through chorus wails and heavy guitar riffs. Likewise, the band juxtaposes aurally contrasting songs from the very playful (the retro-rock “You’re Already Gone”) to the angst-fueled (“She’s Going To Kill That Boy”) to the unexpectedly poignant (“Penitentiary” — especially with its breezy, yet allusive melody).

There are those moments when the band just wants to rock out (“I Just Wanna Talk To You”) or even half-emote (“Sick Sad Morning”); however, much more than not the band chooses to do the former, which is reflected often in the eclectic arrangements and fused rhythms and tones.

Listening to The Dig, I can’t help but think of the resemblance to the British band Muse. There’s no effort in appearing to be laid-back, they just are. There’s also no effort to be obvious or less-than-subtle, they are simply natural.

The Dig

[photo via Sneak Attack Media]

Track list:

    1. Carry Me Home
    2. Two Sisters In Love
    3. You’re Already Gone
    4. She’s Going To Kill That Boy
    5. Penitentiary
    6. Sick Sad Morning
    7. He’s A Woman
    8. Look Inside
    9. For All Your Sins
    10. Shadow
    11. I Just Wanna Talk To You
    12. Feel Like Somebody Else

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