Another DVDFile Redesign

This might sound like I’ve been late to the party. DVDFile was redesigned a while ago, but I’ve been debating whether I like it or not.

After weeks of thinking about it, I’ve decided that I don’t like it.

Having been bought out, the new owners gladly redesigned the formerly plain and simple DVDFile into a much more colorful — and slow — DVD resource site.


Probably to satisfy the Ben Lyons readers of the world, the new color scheme looks cheesy and cheap, as if DVDs, Blu-rays or good films need to be advertised as flashy.


As you can see, there are ads galore, and tons of wasted space to appease lots of inappropriately places images (and ads). I dare not use the term “white space.” Sadly, the disc news posts are few and far between. I enjoyed the breakdown, which is infinitely easier to read than the information dump on The Digital Bits (which could really use a redesign itself).


However, the biggest reason I stuck with DVDFile were their dead simple disc reviews. I didn’t care too much for the video or audio parts (the summary graphic worked nicely), since it was really the actual film review I liked to read. The reviews weren’t Roger Ebert-like, but I think the reviewers shared much of my taste.

I miss the days of a singular page review. Now I have to click three links for the final verdict.

Oh well. Now I can skip the lessening text and see low-res images instead. Yippee.

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