Video Business Is No More

Video BusinessApparently, the venerable home video trade magazine Video Business is no more as of the 4 January 2010 issue.

Video Business is ceasing publication this week, after 29 years of industry-leading coverage of the home entertainment business.

The Jan. 4 issue was the magazine’s last.

VB’s owner, Reed Business Information, is shuttering the magazine and its online operations, effective this week, as part of a larger, ongoing strategy to divest itself of most of its business-to-business publications in the U.S. The company also is closing MBT (Manufacturing Business Technology) and Industrial Distribution.

“I’m extremely proud of the role VB has played in the home entertainment industry, consistently breaking news, while providing important analysis and insight to our readers for almost three decades,” said Marcy Magiera, editor-in-chief and associate publisher. “Every staff member and regular contributor here is a first-class business journalist, and I will miss working with this smart, dedicated and caring group of people.”

VB readers can continue to get the latest home entertainment business and technology news at

I assumed that Video Business would simply maintain an online-only presence, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I subscribed to VB for a few years before I became more accustomed to getting my home video news online. For some reason, VB didn’t seem like an authority on Blu-ray as it did on VHS or DVD. It tried to hard sell digital downloading as the future, but I guess I still subscribe to the physical disc format.

VB, it was fun while it lasted.

[image via VB]

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